Build your Stories Memorable With Snapchat

Everyone knows the phrase, "a picture will be worth a lot of words", but what when you can add actual words for the picture, perhaps it would be more significant? Many people take pictures and share these to family members or friends as there are often a story behind each picture. We motivated to take pictures since there was something from the moment that captured our eyes whether it was something funny, unusual or unexpected. The top stories are accompanied with pictures and would not it be great when you can enhance these pictures with words that tell exactly what you're thinking or feeling right now? Now you'll be able to due to a mobile app called Snapchat.


Save Each Moment within the "story" feature

So you're on trips and running around within your new environment (it's been awhile since you have often seen modern civilization), what do you do? The reply is take pictures of course! The Snapchat app offers you every one of the "cool" features that make your pictures be noticeable. For example, you'll be able to please take a quick picture of what is happening around you and give a little text. The real cool factor is that you not only will add text nevertheless, you can resize the text and even add colors to give it a little more flavor. By way of example, if however you see and please take a picture someone falling, you can add the text "POW!" for added bonus comedy effect. Another neat feature of Snapchat is that once you've taken an image, you can add it into the "story" mode and everybody that is added as a friend with your Snapchat can easily see the picture for 24 hours - no need to manually send it to everyone in your contacts!

Use videos for your story

Don't think that sending pictures? What about going for a short video instead? Using the Snapchat app, you will be the director of your family story while you are getting the time of your health exploring new places. The only issue with the fast video feature is it is actually short - no more than Around 10 secs worth of videos. However, this isn't a problem to get a savvy videographer for example yourself, right? Another interesting action you can take with this app is you can customize your video or photo quickly. And that means you don't need to wreck havoc on computer applications including Photoshop cs4 or Windows Movie Maker to customize your video or photo.

Snapchat has other features that makes it a perfect app to learn with for all that loves photos. Learn today what you can do with Snapchat that will create your individual stories.
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